Bases Legales De La Ergonomia En Venezuela

This literature search aims to revise national and international standards in the field of ergonomics. With this in mind, comprehensive regulations on this subject have been found at the international level, which serves as the basis for any initiative to assess and improve the ergonomics of workplaces. The review concludes that there is also an important legal basis in Venezuela, highlighting, among others, the Organic Law on Prevention, Working Conditions and Environment (LOPCYMAT) and that of the Venezuelan Commission for Industrial Standards (COVENIN), which stressed the need for ergonomic interventions in all production and service companies. both public and private. However, the mere application of the rules is not enough to achieve effective improvements in the workplace, although it is undoubtedly the starting point to support other pillars of ergonomics work, such as the experience of analysts and the multidisciplinary team involved, suggestions from workers and the application of appropriate evaluation methods. inter alia. Subscribers can see all the effects of a case Subscribers can see a list of results associated with their papers on topics and quotes from Vincent. Subscribers can view a list of all the laws and jurisdictions cited in a single document. Subscribers can access a visual representation of a case and its relationship to other cases.

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