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We can support you and your friends in all legal matters, regardless of their size. « We employ highly experienced seasoned lawyers who are able to work `individually` with our clients to provide competent legal advice and representation in labour, general business matters, wills and estates, and real estate. » – Peter Frazer Bell Partners Legal was founded in 2012 by Peter Frazer and Anthony Bell to provide high-quality professional legal services to their clients. We have the experience and knowledge to help you and your business solve the problems you face on a daily basis. Our legal team consists exclusively of senior associate-level lawyers, each with decades of legal and commercial experience. Our practitioners are accessible and accessible, striving to provide clients with personalized, accurate, understandable and practical service and advice. We provide high quality legal services to a wide range of clients, from listed, national and international companies to first-time buyers. Bell Partners has a dedicated legal and risk management team specializing in legal matters, risk assessment, insurance procurement, claims management, compliance and security. We identify, assess and prioritize legal and operational risks and, where appropriate, implement strategies to knowingly mitigate, transfer or accept those risks. Bell Partners` in-house accounting and financing team supports our property and asset management teams, as well as our clients and investors, through the use of our centralized accounting systems and strong relationships with leading lenders in the industry. There is no need to travel to the moon in search of exceptional service and advice. It`s right here. It is not only the headquarters of accounting, auditing and consulting, but also the headquarters of our Wealth Creation, Legal, Finance and Insurance divisions.

Our unique value proposition is that we are able to offer the full range of business services under one roof of highly experienced professionals who are leaders in their chosen fields. Our management team has almost all been working with the firm for more than 10 years and therefore knows our clients, our history and our skills very well. They live our brand loyal in every interaction and work together seamlessly to provide the best service to our customers. Peter has worked for organisations including some of the largest companies in the world and Australia. Peter has worked for publicly traded companies, major construction and manufacturing clients such as project management, private prisons, hotel chains and operators including large resort operators, wineries, restaurant and food groups, leading employer associations, cosmetics manufacturers, advertising agencies, employment agencies, recruitment agencies, financial service providers, elderly care providers, transport companies, warehouse and warehouse operators, electronics manufacturers, suppliers and importers, food manufacturers, childcare companies and many employers in the health sector. The director, Peter Frazer, has been working intensively in the field of labour law for almost 20 years. Bell Partners` IT team uses state-of-the-art systems, software and technologies to connect our residents, prospects, investors and employees, while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and practices to secure and protect their data. With the company`s small shop-like structure, you won`t get lost. The company`s strategy is to entertain a relatively small core of quality customers and focus on providing excellent personalized service. Bell Partners Legal is focused on providing excellent personalized service to its clients. He is able to deal with all labour law issues.

Peter is also active in the field of media law and sports talent management, representing some of Australia`s leading role models, media personalities and sports stars. Our Sydney office was our first Bell Partners office and is now the national headquarters of our firm. We were originally located at 60 Margaret Street, then we bought our premises at 40 Lime Street in 2003 (before Barangaroo was founded) and opened the office here on July 7, 2003. With our expansion over the years, we have also taken up extra space at this location, although every day many of our professionals will visit our clients. Bell Partners` business intelligence group uses state-of-the-art technology to transform operational and financial data into actionable intelligence that can help us better serve our stakeholders. We use research information from our own portfolio of approximately 70,000 apartments and external suppliers to maximize real estate and investment performance. We strive to continually exceed the expectations of customers, investors and residents by providing exceptional service and leveraging our extensive operating platform. The passion and dedication with which our service teams approach our business helps us maximize property performance and create a quality living experience for our residents. Every customer is important to us – from the smallest customer to the largest multinational customer and we value their trust in us. We want to meet all their business and financial services needs so they can thrive and grow in the professions and businesses of their choice.

What people say about us See what our clients say about their experience working with us. Part of the local community We are proud to support the local community. Given the size of our management portfolio and our national presence, Bell Partners has a team of employees who focus exclusively on negotiating advantageous terms and prices for services such as flooring, paints, maintenance and unit deliveries, as well as cable services, laundry and utilities. This specialization makes it possible to optimize real estate costs and maximize ancillary real estate income. Contact our team to discuss your project. Our human resources team creates a positive work environment for more than 1,400 Bell Partners employees and supports our executives at all levels of the company. The goal of our training team is to nurture talent throughout the company and make our employees future leaders. Bell Partners` marketing team leads and oversees all corporate and consumer brand initiatives (e.g., advertising campaigns, signage, documentation, web presence and social media). They also support our on-site communities with scalable yet flexible marketing campaigns that meet the needs and budget of each asset.

Full service capacity We offer the services of a large company in the city, with local comfort. Integrity and Experience When you deal with Bell Lawyers, you negotiate directly with clients.