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Best Law Enforcement Tv Shows

Police officers are supposed to be there to protect and serve, but they are also there to entertain! Crime drama began as a staple of television because of its relative simplicity: people doing their jobs to solve crimes. But the genre has evolved over the years, and now crime series are as complicated as the work itself. This is most evident in the latest addition to our list of the best crime shows on HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon, and more. Created by David Simon, creator of The Wire, We Own This City traces the rise and fall of the Gun Trace Task Force in Baltimore, a corrupt force that took to the streets in the late 2010s. This list of the best cop shows on all the major streaming services has a wide range of shows, some of which you`ve definitely seen and others you probably haven`t seen. It contains familiar procedures, dark dramas on cable, and comedies about stupid officers doing their best. No matter what type of detective series you`re looking for, you`re sure to find something on this list that makes you feel blue (do you understand?). Police TV series, which have been an integral part of the small screen since their inception, have gone from binary stories about police officers and thieves to stimulating and morally nebulous psychodramas. While each generation favors those they grew up with, Graeme Ross thinks he summed up the best of all time, turning into a soapy self-parody in his later years, but at its peak, few shows on television were able to touch NYPD Blue. Sure, it`s junk food — but at best, in the glory years of the original iteration and early seasons of SVU, it`s addictive, watchable junk food.

Making a parody of the cops on the show may seem like a low blow – how do you parody something that already sounds like a big joke? But thanks to creators Kerri Kenney-Silver and The State members Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, Reno 911! was more like an improvised sketch show set in the world of an incompetent police department. Like the cops, the series succeeded thanks to the madness captured by the camera, like a roller skating prostitute who warned the police of a guy who shot babies with rocket launchers, or a repeat offender known to hide under children`s pools. Reno 911!` Its phenomenal set of brilliant comedic actors made the series incredibly funny, as well as the endless barrage of strange criminals played by Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswalt and Keegan-Michael Key. Although we love and need our serious police dramas, Reno 911! we almost wish law enforcement could always be so funny. Ross Bonaime Bosch is an adaptation of Michael Connelly`s Harry Bosch novels and follows the dark life of homicide detective and private detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) in Los Angeles. Although the series is rarely highly publicized, it is very popular, and for good reason: it has been praised for its realistic depiction of police work, as well as for its faithful interpretation of Connelly`s bestsellers. Plus, it has a cute jazz soundtrack. Bosch series recently ended after seven seasons, but Bosch the guy will continue in Bosch: Legacy, a spin-off in which he leaves the public sector forever and works as a repairman for a law firm. A very good TV crime drama combines interesting and unique stories with fast-paced action and a solid storyline.

An extraordinarily strong cast of the whole doesn`t hurt either. What was the best crime series of all time on television? Many fans will say it`s the brilliant HBO drama The Wire, created by David Simon. Others may claim that the FX drama The Shield starring Michael Chiklis is the greatest of all time. Another great example is the CBS drama Criminal Minds, the story of FBI agents profiling criminals. And whether you love them or hate them, it`s hard to deny that Law & Order franchise programs are almost always a solid choice. Any police show about a police officer who has to work in his small hometown to practice blind justice against the people he grew up with – people who are usually trying to make ends meet – will be a police show, rarely about the police department at the grassroots level and almost always about people who take this feature for granted. This goes hand in hand with Top of the Lake, Jane Campion`s tragic and heartbreaking crime drama about the thickness of blood to make a life full of crime worth it. In it, Detective Robin Griffin (the ever-tall Elisabeth Moss), a Sydney police investigator, is recalled to her New Zealand hometown to investigate the disappearance and pregnancy of a 12-year-old local girl. That she undoubtedly discovers many terrible secrets that are best kept buried is irrelevant. What`s so fascinating about the series is how long Moss is willing to pull her character to defend the betrayal of her homeland`s ecosystem — and in the process confronts the hydra-headed reasons she fled in the first place to pursue a career in law enforcement. Fortunately, Moss will return for the second season, which takes place in Sydney, and will begin pre-production in December – Dom Sinacola 16.

The Case (2012-16) Gillian Anderson is the deliberate and dedicated lead detective on the trail of an equally meticulous serial killer in this controversial drama filmed and set in Northern Ireland. The Fall survived accusations of misogyny and voyeurism to raise a bafta for best TV drama and captivate viewers for three series, but remains a disturbing and disturbing experience for many. [Some criteria: We stuck to shows that aired a large portion of their episodes in the 2000s or later and only included scripted programs. The definition of a « crime show » is elastic, but if criminal activity (or its prosecution) was at the heart of the show`s ongoing plot, we thought it was appropriate for this list.] What is today the grandfather of the world of law and order, « Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, » remains one of the most persuasive, if not exploitative, crimes that exist. When it started, we followed Detectives Benson and Stabler (Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, respectively) as they struggled to help victims of sexual assault and battery. The series has sparked conversations throughout its 20-year history, with Hargitay becoming a strong advocate for the prompt treatment of rape kits. Of course, the series is often ridiculed for the way some of the « sexually abhorrent » dialogues are delivered, but without it, the world of criminal proceedings wouldn`t look like it is. Not to mention that he gave us one of our favorite crime duos. — Kristen Lopez He didn`t just influence crime series – he embraced popular culture, influenced fashion, music and film, while capturing these elements and packing them for the general public.

Do you remember when the only police shows on television were Law and Order, NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Street? Remember how this lack of good gender programs fostered outdated creativity? No one should doubt the quality of these shows, but the early mid-1990s wasn`t exactly a hotbed of ingenuity for stories of men and women in uniform, which is why New York Undercover is such a gem in the « crime drama » category. It`s one of the most underrated series of its kind, a « Behind the Badge » thread that goes deep into its premises and has much more character than most of its contemporaries; This helps that co-executive producer Dick Wolf set himself the explicit goal of reaching the demographics of a minority audience, which at the time lacked the main characters to identify with in COP shows. Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo, the stars of New York Undercover, two men who did not fit the traditional (read: white) direction of the crime series. They brought personality and depth to detectives J.C. Williams and Eddie Torres, until the end of the show`s third season. They gave a face to the series during the soundtrack (with Pharcyde, Soul 4 Real, Notorious B.I.G., Xscape and Mary J.).