Mention Legal Synonym

1. Name, singular or mass If you`re a photographer, read interviews that mention your favorite artists. 2nd verb, non-3. Singular person presents The instructions for growing grass usually mention the importance of good drainage for healthy growth. 3. Verb, basic form Not to mention that this choice of material has little impact on the environment. I believe that the best way to defeat Donald Trump and meet the needs of the American people is to expand and mobilize the majority that supports us on critical issues. Sanders believes in an unyielding ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans. Personally, I have not celebrated a wedding. I don`t know if [Gillum] was in town for a wedding.

He didn`t mention that we had been friends for some time. a list of things to mention or write down, one after the other When talking about two people or two things in the same breath, mention them together because they are similar Synonyms:[Used mainly in the sentence, mention.] Superficial reference or allusion Mention, quote, quote, refer, say, remember, remember, lift, speak, highlight, post, conversation, clues, mentions With Senator Lindsey Graham`s announcement, the Republicans have lost our most qualified, thoughtful, fearless and honest presidential candidate, not to mention the candidate with the best (and sometimes only) sense of humor, as sorry as I am to see Lindsey`s candidacy come to an end. I understand his reasons, and I am more proud of him than ever for his exemplary service to our party and our country. « she frequently mentioned her promotion »; « This was not mentioned »; « The speaker made several references to his wife » when you throw something like questions, ideas, comments, etc. It was a nightmare. formally mention a law, principle or idea to support an argument or explain an action « His name was mentioned in connection with the invention » « Although he did not win the award, he received a special mention, » adds Mike Fernandez. Mike Fernandez, Mike Fernandez, mentioned Mike Fernandez in the ad or another candidate on both sides of the aisle. Mike Fernandez told the Miami Herald on Friday that Mike Fernandez did not lead Jeb Bush`s Mike Fernandez plan, but heard an ear when they learned of Mike Fernandez`s plan. Mike Fernandez is the founder of MBF Healthcare Partners. Mike Fernandez immigrated from Cuba in 1964 when Mike Fernandez was 12 years old. Mike Fernandez donated $3 million to the former Florida governor earlier this year.

In my own country, my country, I cannot stand idly by and accept the demagoguery that would divide us rich against poor, minority against majority, red against blue. Today, our nation is more divided than ever. mention something as an example, explanation, or evidence of something else to return to a topic that has already been mentioned to mention someone or something when you speak or write formally to mention a particular writer or work legally mention someone in a court case Synonyms:declare, name, say, explain, communicate, transmit, report, quote, speak, advertise, mention, allude, refer to advertising, mention and refer are used in language that expresses a particular thought more or less clearly; the others of the language from which it can be derived. We easily allude to something, perhaps by a word or phrase, as if it were at stake; We promote it when we go out of our way to deal with it; We refer to them by any clear statement that clearly directs the mind or attention towards them; since marginal numbers refer to a parallel passage; We mention something by explicit words, such as naming. He referred to the recent disturbances and negligence of some officials; Although he didn`t mention a name, it was easy to see who he was referring to. One can suggest something nice, but what is implied is always unfavorable, usually both hostile and cowardly.