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Nda Rules in Railway

Duty karne ke liye railway night shift mein duty chahie I am anant tiwari mujhe railway me night job chaiye i. NDA can be granted to all eligible unregistered employees of the Ministry of Railways up to salary level – 7 (including those who enjoy MACP benefits in salary grade – 8). However, the maximum base salary for the calculation of the hourly rate of NDA remains Rs. 43600/- the prescribed upper limit set by the board`s letter of the even number dt. 29.09.2020. 2. After issuing the instructions of the board dt. On 29.09.2020, the associations received the associations` request to remove the basic salary ceiling for the right to night duty allowance. The matter was discussed in consultation with the DoP&T and the MoF(DoE) and was decided as follows: Night Service Allowance (NDA) rate as of 01.07.2013 1. Please note the letter of the Board of Directors with even number dated 08.03.2018 (RBE No. 36/2018), in which the revision rates of the night duty allowance (NDA) were published. Sub: Payment of night work allowance (NDA) according to the recommendations of the 7th Central Wages Commission – Reg.

4. This information is valid from 01.07.2017. ii. The other conditions for granting the NDA remain unchanged. NDA rate for the predominantly intermittent category of employees. 4. In addition, the matter is referred separately to the Ministry of Finance/Department of Expenditure in order to clarify the effective date of the decision and the issue of recovery of the NDA. The night duty allowance is provided to government employees who work at night.

The calculation of NDA hours is counted from the hours on the night shift from 22:00 to 6:00. Sub: – Imposition of a salary cap @Rs. 43600/- per month for the right to night pay for railway employees. Please specify that employees over 43600 Basic are eligible for NDA or not, NDA will be given to them on the Basic seal or not. RZ 85 gali number 6 kailashpuri palam colony New Delhi 11045. The undersigned is responsible for referring the question of the reintroduction of night duty pay to all categories of railway employees. It should be noted that this ministry has already taken up this issue and referred it to the MoF/DoE at the OM of the DT Board of Directors. 09.09.2021 and reminder DT. 23.11.2021. The orders are unclear. Please specify whether or not employees with base pay are entitled to night duty pay.

The basic salary ceiling applies to the maximum night tax rate or the right to night duty. 1.7.2013 से लागू रात्री-कालीन डयूटी भत्ते की दरें!. Download the Night Duty Allowance (NDA) to Railway employees Circular in PDF 2. Employees of the Group`s C&D workshops and supervisory staff who regularly work in the workshops. Given the position provided by the DoE, this department has the OM dt. 04.01.2022 for the rapid resolution of the issue. However, the response from DOP&T & DOE is still pending. 4. Shift crew required to perform night duties outside headquarters. Filed under: CGE Latest News, Night duty allowance, RAILWAYS February 11, 2022 3.

The NDA is subject to the presentation of a certificate from the supervisor concerned attesting that night duty is essential. 5. This is done with the agreement of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways. 2. The case was examined on the basis of orders received from the DoPT, the node department. of the government on NDA. The President is pleased to decide that the NDA hourly rate is equal to {(base wage + cost-of-living allowance)/200} that would be permitted for eligible classes of unregistered railway employees classified under Chapter XIV of the Railways Act 1989 in conjunction with the Railway Employees (Hours of Work and Period) Rules 2005 for work carried out between 2200 and 0600. The upper limit of the basic salary to qualify for night tax allowance is Rs 43600 per month. The rate must be set separately for each employee. The current wording of the 10-minute weighting for each hour of service between 10 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

would be retained. 1. Letter from the Committee on Railways No. E(P&A)II-2013/HW-2 dated 29.10.2013 (RBE 113/2013) The Secretary GeneralAIRF4, State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055 Payment of Night Service Allowance (NDA) to railway employees up to level 7 of the 7th CPC Clarifications: RBE No. NDA 85/2022 rates for the « Intensive », « Continuous » and « Excluded » categories and shop staff. The DoE sent a copy of the OM dt. 16.12.2021 at DoPT. It was also announced that a reference to the DoPT has been made on this issue and that a response from the DoP&T is awaited. अनिवार्य संविरामी कोटियों के रात्री-कालीन डयूटी भत्ते की दर गहन, निरंदर एवं वर र वर रर रराररातरारातरातररारातरात टीराऀराऀरारातरातरातराातरात टीराारात टीराारारारारातरारारारातरातरातरात_�ातरातरात_�त_�ात_�यटी भत्ते कीदर गहन, निरंदर एवं वर र रररजित कोटियों तथा कारर�� �ाना कर्मचारियों के रात्री-कालीन डयूटी भत्ते की दर Please refer to the Commission`s letter with the even number dated 29.00 09. 09.2020 (EBR No. 83/2020), where paragraph 2 of the Executive Board`s letter with the even number of 08.

08.08. 03.2018 (RBE No. 36/2018) has been duly amended and includes a clause on the upper limit of the base salary of Rs. 43600/- for entitlement to Night Service Allowance as instructed by DoP&T.1. All of the Group`s C&D employees have been classified as intense, continuous and essentially intermittent. (N.P.Singh) Co-Director, Estt. (P&A) Railway Board Tele No.47845124 Advanced reference⇒ RBE No. 96/2020, RBE No. 85/2022. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA/भारत सरकारMINISTRY OF RAILWAYS/रेल मंत्रालय(Railway Board) रेलवे बोर्ड 3. The above instructions would provisionally take effect from 04.07.2022, i.e. from the date of approval by the Ministry of Finance in this regard.