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Industry Focus: LawyersNevada lawyers are at the forefront of many issues, from litigation to helping businesses in these challenging times. [Read more] For fifteen years, Nevada`s business magazine Legal Elite has been celebrating Nevada lawyers. The lawyers on the list were recognized by their staff for their work and commitment in the legal field. Each submission goes through a thorough vetting process with several thousand nominations submitted by attorneys licensed in the state. Litigation in a Changing World: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know »I don`t think there`s such a thing as pre-trial security, » said Samuel Schwartz, director of Schwartz Law. In today`s environment, the barrier to litigation is so low that trying to fully protect yourself as a business from litigation would likely be a waste of resources. Legal Elite is now in its fourteenth year an annual list of Nevada lawyers. These lawyers represent the best of the best and have been recognized by their staff for their work and commitment to the legal field. Polls began in mid-February this year and several thousand applications were filed by state-licensed attorneys.

Each submission then went through a thorough vetting process that resulted in top Nevada lawyers, selected by their peers and featured on the following pages. Brothers Alex and Orlando De Castroverde founded the law firm in 2005, building on the practice of their father, Waldo De Castroverde. De Castroverde Law Group is active in the areas of personal injury, criminal defence and immigration law. With over five decades of combined legal experience, De Castroverde Law Group provides aggressive and reliable legal representation. The company has two offices in Las Vegas and one in Reno. The majority of the firm`s lawyers are fluent in Spanish. For more information about De Castroverde Law Group, please call (702) 222-9999 or call If you are interested in advertising in the Legal Elite edition, please contact your account manager or send an email to Four De Castroverde Law Group lawyers have been named to Nevada Business Magazine`s 2021 Legal Elite list.

Kimberly Valentin, Michael Matzke and Yolanda Carapia of the firm`s personal injury team, as well as Kyle Morishita of the firm`s immigration team, were recognized for their legal excellence. Avoiding Business Misconduct: Practical Steps to Avoid Commercial Disputes: The best litigation for business decision-makers is litigation that never happens. Litigation is time-consuming, expensive, and distracts the business owner from the business. The best way to avoid litigation? Document everything, know your obligations and make sure your safeguards are in place. [Read more] Succession planning: an often overlooked necessity When asked about the importance of succession planning in business, experts agree when they explain the absolute necessity of good planning. [Succession planning] can be the most important thing for a company and it`s certainly what`s not done so well, » said Carl Rowe, founder and principal consultant of Clarity Advisors to Management, which provides solutions to struggling companies. Nevada Business Magazine[Read more] Originally published: Legal Opinions is a compilation of expert knowledge on a variety of topics and a valuable resource for business leaders. Written by lawyers who are all well-trained in their featured topic, Nevada Business Magazine has been publishing this article since 2014. The articles in the 2022 issue of Legal Notices cover a range of professional topics, each providing leaders with insight into complex legal issues.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Law Firms Are Thriving: For Nevada lawyers, reputation, professionalism, and client expectations are important issues for the future industry. Recently, lawyers gathered at the City National Bank office in Las Vegas to discuss their industry. [Read more] Lawyers have always been society`s designated concerns, but Nevada lawyers today seem to be wringing their hands a little more than usual for several reasons. [Read more] Industry Focus: Lawyers (2014): The legal industry in Nevada has undergone a variety of changes in recent years and has had the difficult task of protecting its clients during difficult times. From a recession to a slow-recovering economy to the integration of new technologies, Silver State lawyers have learned to be prepared for anything. [Read more] Filed Under: Cover Story Tagged With: Legal Elite, Northern Nevada Top Attorneys, Southern Nevada Top Attorneys With 5,232 unique votes, this year`s Legal Elite survey saw the highest turnout ever. Legal Elite is an annual list that highlights the best lawyers in Nevada. Votes are based on peer nominations, and the following lists include the top vote collectors in all of Nevada. These lawyers represent the best in an already elitist field. There are just over 200.

[Read more…] About Legal Elite 2013: Top Lawyers in Nevada To view previous listings of Legal Elite, visit and type « Legal Elite » in the search bar at the top of the page. Patrick Kealy was appointed for his practice in civil litigation, estate and estate planning, as well as for his experience representing political clients through legal advice on lobbying initiatives. Industry Focus: Lawyers: The legal profession is unique in that it touches almost every other industry at any given time. As a result, companies have a range of opinions about who practices law. [Read more] Legal Elite 2021: The Silver State`s Top LawyersNow in its fourteenth year, Legal Elite is an annual list of Nevada lawyers. These lawyers represent the best of the best and have been recognized by their staff for their work and commitment to the legal field. [Read more] « It is an absolute honour for our lawyers to have received this recognition, » said Alex De Castroverde, partner at the firm. « They are all respected by their peers in the legal community, and we are proud of their hard work and dedication. » Industry Focus: Lawyers December 2021Nevada`s legal sector has had a successful year helping clients overcome COVID challenges. Nevertheless, lawyers have had to deal with a modified work environment and court system. [Read more] Business survival VS. Pandemic Destruction: Nevada BankruptcyFor Nevada businesses struggling to survive during the coronavirus pandemic, bankruptcy may be the only way out.

[Read more] Nevada State Bar: The Nevada State Bar is a public corporation under the supervision of the Nevada Supreme Court.