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Nike Contract Jobs

If you get a contract position, probably through a recruiter, you need to network within your team and department. Build strong relationships with your leadership team and lead informative conversations to learn as much as possible about the company`s needs, challenges and long-term goals. Be open about your desire to take on more responsibility and work hard to get recommendations for full-time positions from your managers and colleagues. A great way to find the jobs you want is to read the job descriptions for the job postings you want, and then incorporate keywords from the description into your LinkedIn title, resume, and experience sections. This way, your perfectly optimized profile will be displayed when a recruiter searches for this term! Several recruiters in Portland manage permanent hiring for local companies, especially Nike and Adidas. It doesn`t have to be complicated to get in touch with a recruiter. You meet these people by networking, but also by identifying the companies in the city that are recruiting for these jobs. Places like Boly: Welch, Aquent, Vitamin T, and Mathys+Potestio regularly recruit for Portland`s big companies, though there are several other great recruitment companies in the city that are also worth your time. So start by contacting you and let Portland recruiters find you. Many, many people start for Intel, Columbia, Nike or Adidas by taking temporary positions. These contract positions are not entirely independent and are not entirely full-time positions.

Big brands hire a lot of contractors, and they use subtle differentiators like badge colors to show who`s full-time versus a short-term hire. While contract work isn`t for everyone, it can be a great opportunity to prove yourself and make connections within the company you want to work for. « I started as an entrepreneur and moved full-time after six months. » Many of these companies offer referral incentives, so take advantage of your network! Connections are the main reason people tell me they got their job at one of Portland`s top brands. In fact, more than 80% of job postings at companies like Nike or Adidas are never posted on a public job board. Get the guide to finding a job in this great city. Buy our book, Land Your Dream Job in Portland! Oregon is the birthplace of Nike, but our story goes far beyond Beaverton. From Amsterdam to Shanghai to Buenos Aires, we have locations around the world to inspire athletes* around the world to reach their potential. *If you have a body, you are an athlete At NIKE, Inc., we see a world where everyone is an athlete – united in the joy of movement. Driven by our passion for sport and our instinct for innovation, we want to increase human potential.

Whether it`s our job to design the ultimate sneaker or program a revolutionary app, we`re united by the same mission: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. It`s you. Because, as Bill Bowerman – Nike`s legendary co-founder and coach – once said, « If you have a body, you`re an athlete. » Every day, we demand a better future for ourselves, our athletes and our communities. We believe that diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation. We believe in protecting a planet where all athletes can thrive. And we believe that every child, everywhere, should have access to sport. Employers like Nike look for passion in candidates. Saying you love football is not enough. If you are truly passionate about something, it will show up in your extracurricular activities. Volunteer to improve your resume, play sports, attend a technology meetup or volunteer your time. Build your position in the industry you pursue and show that you are committed. A friend who works in retail design at Nike tells me you`d better have a good story about why this is the job for you, otherwise you won`t be considered.

Even if your career path isn`t exactly what you think is the ideal candidate, get creative and develop a unique angle that stands out for hiring managers. What do you bring to the table that no one else does? Once you know how to tell your story and make the connections you need, keep going! It`s not enough to wait for a recruiter to come to you, and you probably won`t get much traction with cold applications on big brand websites. But if you follow the tips above, you`ll be in a great position to get your foot in the door of one of Portland`s great companies. Ready to get started? Learn more about the companies we`ve covered in this article. Get to know their cultures, read their job postings, and apply for something if you find a great job! Here are links to their career pages to get you started: « I designed my resume to showcase my track and field experience. » More and more recruiters are using LinkedIn to find qualified candidates for their open positions.