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The best anarchic Minecraft servers are almost always characterized by a long server history and a strong, close-knit community that strives to make the server enjoyable for everyone. No rules. Do what you want……….. The link to the No Rules server Web site is On the site you will find the forums, the shop and news for the server. Minecraft Anarchy servers are an interesting social experience, to say the least. An anarchic server is one that has few rules (if any). Here, players are free to fool each other, cheat each other`s builds, and in some cases, even use Minecraft clients with built-in cheaters. 2b2t is the king of anarchic servers in the eyes of many members of the Minecraft community. At this point, the server is synonymous with culture and almost defines the genre as a whole. The IP address of the Minecraft No Rules server is You can use this IP address to play on the No Rules Minecraft server now.

This IP address was updated directly by the server owner on October 4 at 5:47 AM EST, 2022 and is the most recent, accurate, and functional IP address you will find. Click the Add Server button to open the server information form, enter the IP address in the Server Address field, and then click the Done button. Minewind is an anarchic server that focuses mainly on the classic survival game mode with some interesting twists. Unlike many other classic sandbox survival anarchy servers, Minewind offers regular events, unique items with custom enchantments, and the ability to teleport and furnish homes. Minewind also introduces the concept of a player-based economy with their single currency in the game called « Deggs ». MC Prison is not your typical survival anarchy server as you might expect. It is a Minecraft prison server inspired by anarchy. The server relies heavily on the mechanics of the standard anarchic game mode and tries to build on top of it. There are a few basic rules, including no hacked clients. But just about everything else is allowed.

2B2T is an absolute must for all gamers who want to get wet in the ruthlessly intense world of pure anarchy servers. The only small drawback of this server is the ridiculously long wait times due to its unprecedented success and popularity. Here are the best anarchy servers players can try in 2022: Players can try out one of the aforementioned anarchy servers in Minecraft when they log into the game. Here are some other Minecraft Anarchy servers you can try in 2022: This list will highlight some high-quality anarchic servers currently available in Minecraft, and includes servers ranging from complete chaos (zero rules) to more civil lawlessness-inspired servers that maintain a few ground rules here and there. Once the Mojang Session Server server connection has been verified and is available, the connection icon will turn green and you can click the « Join Server » button to play No Rules and discover the latest updates and game modes! No Rules supports Minecraft game version: 1.12.2, but keep in mind that many Minecraft servers allow players to use older or newer versions, so please see No Rules Discord or the website for more information on version compatibility. There are absolutely no rules in what is often humorously referred to by the community as the « oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. » The server also offers a huge selection of serious YouTube names that have claimed 2b2t as their home, including Fit™ and Salc1. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Support us by disabling your ad blocker. The No Rules server is currently hosted in the United States and will have an excellent connection starting October 4 at 05:47 EST, 2022. Open the Minecraft launcher, then click the « Play » button, then choose « Multiplayer » from the main menu.

Purity Vanilla is committed to creating an experience where gameplay doesn`t change plugins at all and things stay as unfiltered as possible. The server leaves all the content and general economic structure to its players to determine similar to 2b2t. 9b9t also offers a great alternative community to 2b2t and an official, active Discord server with over 4,000 members to chat with outside of the Minecraft server.