Online Phd Programs in International Law

Those who earn a doctorate in international law can work in many careers in the legal field. For example, graduates may work as government officials, court officials, academic researchers or professors. Some students may use this degree to enhance their careers as lawyers or as an educational base before moving on to law school. In addition, some graduates choose to work as a consultant or mediator for international companies. Distance learning options offer many opportunities for career advancement. Comprehensive online self-study gives working students the time flexibility they need to balance work and study. By taking advantage of the latest advances in communications technology, online masters pave the way for new business opportunities by building networks of students with common goals. Distance learning offers lower tuition fees, while maintaining the quality of content and faculty engagement as with on-campus master`s programs. It is one of only two doctoral programs in the world in this field offered by an intergovernmental organization of international law (the other is offered by the European University Institute and is a doctorate in law in general with a European orientation).

International law focuses on the variety of fundamental and specialized issues related to international law, such as international trade law, international commercial transactions, international human rights standards, combat laws, immigration law, international criminal law, international environmental law, health law, international criminal law, etc. Students are expected to complete a well-researched document through personal guidance and supervision of the thesis committee, who are experts in the field of law established for them. EUCLID (Euclid University Pole | Euclid University), an international intergovernmental organization with an academic mandate, offers students from the public an external study program (distance or online) called EUCLID DILT, which is a full PhD in international law and treaty law. International law is the natural framework for the settlement of foreign policy and international trade disputes. This PhD explains how international law and its organizations influence how nations and multinational corporations justify their claims, reject their opponents, form coalitions, and negotiate workable compromises. It contains useful information on the principles of international law and the problems encountered in its application, including the use of military force, arms control, international human rights, the environment, investment and trade. The political and legal nature of international organizations is also discussed. Effective international law must be consistent between the claims and practices of States and multinational corporations. The distance learning skills of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are generally very professional. Distance learning courses from Selinus University in. + We couldn`t find exact matches. We think you might like these similar programs.

This specialized doctoral program focuses on the actual practice of states and intergovernmental organizations, rather than advancing academic knowledge for its own good. Designed primarily for professional diplomats working for EUCLID participating states, it can be seen as an excellent way to pursue a career in government agencies, international law firms, universities, NGOs and international organizations. This highly specialized doctoral program offers in-depth and comprehensive courses in international law. What is a PhD in International Law? Many students who choose this type of degree want an exciting legal career, but not tied to a specific location. During this degree, students can study the rules and regulations that bind different states or nations. The topic mainly refers to countries, companies and other entities rather than individuals. Students can take courses covering international law, supranational law and private international law. Specialization in Terrorism and Counterterrorism provides an in-depth understanding of the threats posed by terrorism and how best to respond to them. Students pursue this concentration to better understand the differences between terrorism, insurgency, and armed conflict. You will also learn about state actors, non-state actors and counter-terrorism measures. In the Terrorism and Counterterrorism concentration, students examine the nature and history of terrorism, how terrorist groups succeed and fail, how terrorism is combated, and how to respond to domestic and/or international terrorist campaigns. Thus, students learn a wide range of security methods and techniques and develop the necessary analytical and policy skills.

Some of the factors that influence the cost of obtaining a doctorate in international law are the location of the institution visited and the time it takes to obtain the degree. Whether the program is in person or online can also impact the overall cost. It is expected that students will be able to devote 10 to 15 effective hours of study per week. [/cq_vc_materialcard] [/et_single] [et_single icon= »euro » tab_title= »Tuition fees » tab_id= »1467953460876-3″] [cq_vc_materialcard title= »Tuition and fees » icon_fontawesome= » »] [iframe src= » »] [/cq_vc_materialcard] [/et_single] [et_single icon= »arrows-old » tab_title= »Employment » tab_id= »1467953508756-4-6″] [cq_vc_materialcard title= »Job Prospects » icon_fontawesome= » »] The EUCLID LLM programme provides its students with excellent professional and academic preparation for a successful career in global affairs at international, regional, national and local levels. Our alumni have successfully secured employment and promotion in the civil service and international organizations, including at the ambassadorial and ministerial level. [/cq_vc_materialcard] [/et_single] [et_single icon= »users » tab_title= »Faculty » tab_id= »1468020030412-5-9″] [vc_row_inner row_type= »row » type= »full_width » use_row_as_full_screen_section_slide= »no » text_align= »left » css_animation= » box_shadow_on_row= »no »] [vc_column_inner] [cq_vc_materialcard title= »Faculty Highlights » icon_fontawesome= » »] EUCLID`s online PhD programme in International Law and Contract Law is supported by a group of world-class professors who are truly global and dedicated to high-quality interaction with each student.