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What Is the Antonym for Legalize

I`m officially against this law [California Proposition 64] that doesn`t legalize marijuana. legalize, legalize, decriminalize, decriminalize, legitimize, legitimize, legitimize, legitimize, legitimize, legitimize, legitimize Virtually every major law enforcement group supports Vanita Gupta, you wouldn`t know it when you hear on the ground that she wants to legalize all drugs and take money from the police. These simplistic statements belie the truth. Antonym: Illegalize, Illegalize, Ban, Criminalize, Criminalize The state wants to move forward, they should be able to move forward without legal obstacles from the federal government, and that`s the purpose of this legislation, Colorado wants to legalize marijuana, that`s their decision. If Alabama doesn`t want to legalize marijuana, that`s their choice. But if a state wants to move forward, it should be able to do so without obstruction from the federal government, which now prevents businesses from selling marijuana, using banks because it`s against federal law. It feels like [legalization] is coming soon, but it might not happen the way people think. They`re passing legislation that allows banks to clearly serve this industry without a whole bunch of restrictions, and that could be pseudo-legalization, so the actual decision by the federal government to « legalize » marijuana or let the states decide might not come for years; But this reality could be repeated again with another type of legislation. One of the issues I want to address is legal, safe and free abortion, there is no Ministry of Health in the Macri government, which shows that it would take a lot to legalize abortion, which Fernandez called a public health problem.