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What Rifle Calibers Are Legal for Deer Hunting in Iowa

The Iowa DNR works with the Iowa Food Bank and its affiliates throughout the state to ensure game is distributed to qualified Iowans. The Iowa Food Bank receives $5 in administrative fees for each deer distributed. If you have any questions, please email or call (515) 725-8283. Additional information: ARMBRUST: A legal weapon for residents during the late muzzle loading season. A crossbow consists of a bow mounted transversely on a shaft or frame designed to pull a bolt, arrow or dispute by loosening the bow string, which is controlled by a mechanical trigger and workplace safety. Crossbows equipped with pistol grips and designed to be fired with one hand are illegal for taking or attempting to take or attempt deer or turkeys. All projectiles used in conjunction with a crossbow for deer hunting must have a widehead. Take care of your crop, especially if you donate to HUSH or the Deer Exchange – it`s your job to keep the meat from spoiling. Any culture – remove the intestines, reproductive organs, clean the chest cavity, split the pelvis and remove the cavity, then rinse the cavity well with water as soon as possible and before bringing it to the locker or recipient.

If the air temperature is above 45 degrees, place bags or blocks of ice or churns of frozen milk in the cavity to cool. Replace every 24 hours. Place the deer on the garage floor to extract heat from the animal. Make arrangements with the locker or recipient before dropping off the deer. He does not expect an increase in sales of AR-15 rifles. And he says counties rarely have deer marks in January. To hunt deer with a firearm at any time of the year, you must wear one of the following plain, visible and plain orange outers: vest, jacket, coat, sweater, shirt or overalls. An orange hat alone is not enough. No one is permitted to use a blind to hunt deer during the regular shotgun season unless the blind has a fixed orange mark of at least 144 square inches visible in all directions.

1 Young hunters may hunt with a handgun only under the direct supervision of a licensed adult who is at least 21 years of age. Only 2 muzzle-loading guns. 3 Woodless Seniors (65 years and older) National Crossbow Permit only during bow season. 4 No person shall carry a handgun while hunting with a bow plate unless you have an unfilled transport medal for a season that allows handguns to be carried or a valid licence. 5 Resident hunters only. 6 See more details above.7 If licenses are available. There is no fee to measure or submit entries for the Iowa Book of Records. Due to shrinkage to varying degrees, the frame must be air dried for at least 60 days after the date of killing before it can be officially measured. There is no time limit to how long has passed since the deer was killed for measurement or inclusion in Iowa records.

The scoring system used for the Iowa records is identical to that of the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young clubs, but the minimum qualifying results differ from those of these national clubs. Iowa Prize certificates are awarded in ten classes. The classes with minimum scores for each are as follows: The January antlerless deer season is available in all counties where County Antler Day is unsold on January 10. County-specific information on timber-free licensing quotas is available online in real time at Licences will be available from 11 January until quotas are reached. Due to the compressed schedule, these licenses are not available online. Only antlerless deer can be caught during the January Excess Tag antlerless season. Only medium-fire rifles of .223 to .500 caliber with a published or calculated muzzle energy of 500 feet or more are permitted during the January wood-free season for surplus days. « It`s a rapidly changing world, » he said.

« We`ll continue to tell people to try to take pictures they enjoy up close when the deer aren`t running. » The return of white-tailed deer as the primary game species to Iowa is a tribute to good landowner breeding and advanced management, research, and law enforcement programs. Similarly, responsibility for the future of the Iowa deer depends on cooperation between hunters and landowners, conservation of critical forest habitats, legal support, and ongoing professional management of the resource. HUSH is a collaboration between Iowa Deer Hunters, Iowa Food Bank, meat processors and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. This year, in the final hours of the legislature, a bill on hunting license fees and poaching fines was quickly and quietly amended to add language allowing the use of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles firing .223 caliber cartridges for deer hunting during a January season without antlers. Permits for the new season come from all unused deer hunting licenses left by the regular deer hunting season. It quickly passed the House of Representatives and now awaits action from Governor Kim Reynolds. I am in no way against ethical hunting. It is the unethical legislation that is causing me an uproar. Traugh claims that the smallest .223 caliber bullet is « absolutely capable of hunting deer ethically. » Ethical hunting means not rushing, taking a bad shot, not leaving injured deer and making sure there is a safe background for your shot. Without a safe background, missed shots can travel more than a mile, he said. That is the kind of thing we were taught at the time in the hunter safety course. Hunters harvesting a deer or wild turkey must report the harvest to the DNR before midnight the day after labelling, or before they are taken into a trap or taxidermist, or before processing them for consumption, or before they are transported out of state, whichever comes first.

The hunter whose name appears on the shipping label is responsible for preparing the report. If no animals are harvested, no notification is required. Failure to report or misrepresentation may result in an offence and possible loss of hunting privileges. General deer hunting licences are valid across the country during the season chosen by the hunter at the time of licence purchase. General deer licences apply to the removal of deer of both sexes for all counties except those listed. A hunter may hold a general deer hunting license for the bow season and a general deer hunting license for one of the following seasons: Early Morderleloader, Late Morderleloader, Shotgun Season 1 or Shotgun Season 2. Exceptions: HOW TO USE: The following table helps determine which licenses Iowa resident deer hunters can purchase. To use 1], select the preferred general permit for deer in the left column. 2] Follow the right side and stay in the same horizontal line to determine which additional licenses can be purchased. Bonus licenses, if eligible, [Youth, Disabled, Non-ambulatory, Senior Woodless Crossbow] can be purchased in addition to national licenses.

« In our rural agricultural areas, a lot of people live in deer habitat, » said Todd Bishop, MNR`s Chief of Wildlife Office. MNR regulations prohibit the return of whole carcasses of deer, moose, moose or caribou to the state from areas where CWD has been identified, whether taken from wild animals in the wild or slaughtered in a game reserve. Permits paid for without antlers are only valid for the admission of antlerless deer. A deer without antlers is a deer without forked antlers. These permits are only valid in the seasonal or seasonal management area or deer population and the season chosen by the hunter at the time of licence purchase. Iowa has had deer hunting seasons in January in the past, but they were limited to a few counties where the deer population was a major concern. A blind is defined as a hiding place made entirely or partially of artificial materials and used to hide a person who is chasing eyes. A blind is not a natural feature of the landscape or an arrangement of natural or agricultural plant material that a hunter uses to hide.

In addition to the above requirements, hunters using blinds must also meet the requirements for wearing Blaze Orange. The bill also reduces the civil penalty for poaching a deer without antlers from $1,500 to $500. This provision was requested by the Iowa Farm Bureau. We work hard to keep our calendar up to date, but we always refer to the hunting regulations booklet for official and legal seasonal dates. Perhaps the legislator could have considered raising the legal age for acquiring these rifles and ammunition from 18 to 21. Or they could have discussed a waiting period for these purchases. It`s likely that this is exactly the kind of discussion that the majority of Republicans hoped to avoid by using the fast lane. Resident and non-resident deer hunters with a valid deer hunting licence may only hunt and assist other deer hunters during the season indicated on their driver`s licence. Group hunting is allowed in seasons Shotgun 1 and Shotgun 2. The aid does not include the recovery of game on private property.

Hunters must have a valid stamp for the country in which they hunt. The new legislation, had it been in effect last year, would have increased the number of counties with January hunts to 15, according to DNR. That`s because counties with leftover female deer licenses must offer them in January.