Where Are Pitbulls Legal in Colorado

Three major cities have now lifted their pit bull bans: Denver, Aurora and Commerce City. It is now legal to possess pit bulls in all three cities. The only caveat is in Denver, where a pit bull owner must obtain a breed classification and a special permit. Anyone who legally owns a pit bull in Denver must keep the dog locked in a secure pen at all times. The pit bull must be sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. The owner must also install pit bull signs at all entrances to the property. Penalties for illegal possession or harboring of a pit bull in Denver include immediate seizure of the dog. Attempts to lift the ban have so far failed, including Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who vetoed the law`s last appeal in 2020. Mayor Hancock stated that he could not, in good conscience, lift the ban because he believed it posed an increased risk to public safety.

Name and address of the owner or owner where the pit bull will be located In my opinion, Denver`s request that any dog that is even part of a pit bull (or could possibly be mistaken for a pit bull) be accepted for evaluation and given a permit – even to visit the city – is too expensive. There are many other places we can visit without these kinds of restrictions, and this is where I prefer to spend my travel dollars. To become a true no-kill state, BSL must be repealed in the 3 Colorado municipalities where it still exists: Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet said calls to lift the pit bull ban in her city first came from citizens a few years ago. The first of Colorado`s bans on pit bulls — generally classified as American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers — came after a series of high-profile attacks by dogs in the 1980s. From now on, all pit bull owners and adopters must contact DAP to make an appointment for a restricted breed evaluation. Assessments last 30 to 45 minutes and are conducted by DAP at the Denver Animal Shelter. The review fee is $25 per dog and is non-refundable. The owner or custodian of a pit bull may not own or hold more than two pit bulls per household. Lone Tree appears to be the latest Colorado municipality to lift the ban on pit bulls, following similar measures taken recently in Denver, Aurora and Commerce City. 11. In January, the Aurora City Council approved by a 7-3 final vote the repeal of the city`s Racial Restriction Ordinance.

Thank you @End Aurora BSL! The reversal of the ban on possession of pit bulls was dramatic in Colorado. Castle Rock started the wave three years ago and peaked late last year when Denver voters ended the city`s 30-year-old ban on pit bulls. Evidence that the animal has a current rabies vaccine In Castle Rock, there has been no increase in pit bull-related dog bites, according to the Castle Rock Police Department, since the Douglas County town`s ban was lifted in 2018. « There`s a slight difference between getting bitten by a Maltese or a pug or something like that, » he said. « When (pit bulls) are violent, they`re super violent, and you`re naïve when you say they`re the same as these other dogs — because they`re killing people. » Just last week, the Aurora Sentinel reported that an Aurora man sued the city over its decision to end its ban on pit bulls, claiming that the City Council`s 7-3 vote in January went against a 2014 vote by Aurora residents to uphold the ban. Breed specific legislation, or BSL, is likely responsible for more killings of healthy treatable dogs in Colorado than any other reason. Names and addresses of two people who can be contacted with the pit bull in an emergency « I think the progress has been remarkable, » said Ali Mickelson, spokesman for the Dumb Friends League in Denver, which has campaigned for the lifting of breeding bans. « For a long time, the focus was on pit bulls – but any dog can bite, regardless of breed.

The best way to protect our communities is to have laws for dangerous dogs. The elected leaders of Aurora and Commerce City took similar steps in January. Fort Lupton did the same in 2019. Lone Tree in the southern suburbs of Denver is expected to follow on June 15; The city council tentatively agreed earlier this month to end the ban. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions for pit bulls who visit Denver with their people. Simply put, you can`t bring a purebred dog to Denver City or County until you have a restricted breed license issued by DAP. If it is determined that your dog does not have the majority of the physical characteristics of the restricted breeds, it will be allowed in Denver without special permission. DAP will provide you with a letter with the results of your dog`s assessment. Here`s what you need to get the breed-restricted license: Before spending time in Denver, all dogs that exhibit much of the physical characteristics of an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terriers must complete a personal assessment with Denver Animal Protection (DAP).

If you don`t take the dog for an assessment and apply for a permit, you can go to court or pay a fine, or DAP can remove the dog from the house. My Pit Bull is Family is a 501c-3 nonprofit based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose mission is to keep families and their canine companions together by ending discrimination against housing and insurance. They do this work by conducting conversations with property management companies, conducting research studies on pet policy, providing the largest database of housing in the country that accepts all dogs, as well as conducting outreach and education activities. Thanks for pointing that out, Rob. This is a terrible tragedy and I am sorry that it happened. Banned all fighting breeds: pit bulls, American bulldogs, dogo argentinos, canaries, Presa Mallorquins, Tosa Inus, Cane Corsos and Fila Brasilairos See rules (section: 10-7-90) In Aurora, there were 19 pit bull bites between February 15, when the ban officially expired, and June 1. The city saw the same number of bites during that 31/2-month period in 2018, when the ban was in effect. Also note that owners can only have two dogs, which require breed-restricted licenses. The approval fee is $30 per animal and must be renewed annually for 3 years ($30 per pet per year). If there is no offence* within this period, restricted licence holders may apply to be exempted from the restricted breed requirements. Payment of the $30 breed restricted licence fee (in addition to the $25 grading fee) The Lone Tree ban was introduced in 2006 after 10-year-old Gregg Jones was crushed by three pit bulls in the boy`s backyard the previous year.

He lost his left arm and sustained facial injuries. But many pit bull advocates argue that dogs have been wrongly blamed and that dog owners are ultimately responsible for proper training and socialization. « All the data, all the facts did not support maintaining the ban, » she said. This year, Denver replaced the ban with a better law that allows someone to have a pit bull dog in Denver. The first was adopted earlier this month. Replace Denver BSL has consistently led the way to achieve this. Even if you know your dog is a pit bull, you still have to complete the personal assessment and pay the $25 fee. In addition, you must purchase the breed-restricted license. Stay up to date on Colorado Communities and BSL at BSL Census. HOME / Blog/ Denver Pit Bull Travel News Ban lifted – Should you go? Proof that the animal has a license from the city (license not via PetData.