Who Does Matt Law Support

I came across this article (the comments are also worth reading). Barry Glendenning (Goalkeeper) – Arsenal Alyson Rudd – The Times – Liverpool. To this I add: David Conn – MCFC Simon Hattenstone – MCFC Arsenal seems to be the darling of the press. Very surprised to see so few ManU fans. Does anyone deny all of this? Can anyone add more..? Comment from SAR Ledley, King of the Lane (U15236) posted 11 minutes ago I like fella in the Standard – Dan Something? I think he`s a Chelsea fan, but a decent read. Martin Samuel is shocking. A real toad —- Dan Jones? He is a member of the IMO Executive Board. He agrees with other things, but when he writes about spurs, I like that he doesn`t know what he`s talking about. Tom Collomossee is the spore correspondent and he only writes about spores, and quite well. Jones and Olley also write about Spurs, although I didn`t know anything, I liked his CL attributions when we were there – he seemed really excited about the best hotel stay? Schloss Elmau at the 2008 European Championships in Austria and Switzerland. Up to a point, your real Didi, but when did Chelsea praise the first CL team in London to win.

So what? London was in England the last time I heard. The first British team to win it was not hailed as the first Glasweigan team to win. FFS Villa, Nots Forrest both won and we haven`t heard anything from the first West Midland or East Midland Club to win it. And the worst? I`m still fighting in Eastern Europe. The best food on your travels? The Da Greco restaurant in Barcelona is excellent and not too expensive. The only moment in football that you would put on a DVD? Dalian Atkinson`s goal for Aston Villa against Wimbledon when he surrounded everyone, chipped away at the goalkeeper and celebrated with an umbrella. I like the guy in the standard – Dan Something? I think he`s a Chelsea fan, but a decent read. Martin Samuel is shocking. A real toad.

And the worst? One stocking was having to sleep on a bench in a mall during the same tournament. I was dragged by the police like a tramp. Your best scoop ever? I like to think I was involved in the Twitter revolution by tweeting that Theo Walcott had been left out of England`s World Cup squad about five hours before the announcement. I went to the hairdresser and turned off my phone after tweeting it, and I pulled out a new haircut and about 2000 new followers in an hour! By Bredbury Blue, August 25, 2016 in Football/Soccer Forum A sporting event outside football that you would like to experience? I would love to go to Augusta to see the Masters. Players like Rooney, Gerrard, Allardyce and Co are revered as working-class heroes, while players like Lampard, Cole and Redknapp are castigated for the same things. ==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== You could well be their king, even if the last book has been read? I just started Stephen Fry`s The Hippopotamus. The biggest mistake? Leaving my phone somewhere near John Cross is usually pretty bad. I come back and find that I have sent a lot of text messages to people to whom I then owe an explanation.

The best teams of all time (club and international)? The current teams in Barcelona and Spain are very special. The most media-friendly manager? Harry Redknapp – the only Barclays Premier League manager who left me a (non-abusive) voicemail. Have you ever worked in a profession other than journalism? I was a newspaper boy and once volunteered to clean the school for extra money, but I was fired for wiping the cap. Have you ever been confused with someone else? My almost namesake Matt Lawton. I was praised and insulted for the stories he wrote. Of course, I protest more against abuse. Alan Green – Liverpool – although he denies it all the time… What advice would you give to an aspiring football writer? Be prepared to do anything, anytime, anywhere. It`s usually worth it. Your favourite radio/TV commentator? Graeme Souness is excellent in Sky`s coverage of the Champions League and tells it exactly as it is. If you could introduce one change to improve public relations between football clubs and football writers, what would it be? Tell the truth.